Sunday, August 16, 2009

We have a winner!!!!!

I used both low and high tech methods for choosing the winner of the contest. I wrote down the names of all of the commenters in the order that they were made.

Then, I used a random number generator to pick the lucky person.

#19 is iamtheinfidel. I will contact her and mail the lovely Lorna's Laces yarn.

Thank you all for leaving comments! It made my trip way more fun knowing that there were folks following my trip to Sock Summit.

I will say that next ti
me (if I get a chance to go again) I would love to have friends actually there to share in the fun and awe.

I still am catching up on my sleep. Not to mention all the paperwork I have to do to turn in to the insurance company to replace my stuff.

I have some pictures that didn't get posted while I was in Portland. Stop by later, I'll be posting them.


Carol said...

Ugh. Insurance paperwork!

Carpenter Mom 11 said...

I can't believe you went to sock summit!! Your blog is well done. You are so lucky. I am planning to stitches east.