Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Day of SS09

It was a lovely day.

I had a class with Crissy Gardiner. She taught us how to do a textured colorwork. It is in the Bohus style. (pronounced: Bo-hoos) It's really like Fair Isle knitting except that there are purls along with the knits to add a color and textured effect that is really cool.

Here is my little sample

We left the class a little early and went to the Marketplace. I bought more stuff. I picked up a copy of Free Range Knitter (ya, that's right... the one I brought from home was stolen) I snuck over to Stephanie at lunch time and showed her my pen and the book. she stealthy signed it so as not to attract a gaggle of women asking for the same. She is the nicest person anyone would ever want to adore like a teenybopper.

Click this picture to make it big. This is the Luminary panel. I can't explain sufficiently how awesome this event was. We laughed and nearly cried and hung on every word. Every dime I spent on this event was worth just this one moment with these incredible women. I got a front row seat to witness the brilliance.

Today is 99 years since the birth of Elizabeth Zimmerman. At the very end we all sang Happy Birthday to her and had cake.

A perfect ending to a fabulous 4 days of knitterly fun.

oh more thing.....

I scored this!!!!!!!

We came out of the elevator in the hotel and this was just sitting there. Sweet!

Getting up early tomorrow to drive half way Home.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Looks like a massively wonderful event, thanks for all you shared with us. Hope you've forgiven SF for the theft.

monster said...

Front Row- couldn't happen to a nicer person! It's been a incredible few days of experiencing Sock Summit through your eyes. Thanks for sharing! Get home safely, and rest up- cuz I want to know everything!!!
Cool husband to go with you!

Anonymous said...

Very cool about the Bohus--I didn't know it used purl stitches. Have a safe and hopefully uneventful trip home!