Sunday, August 23, 2009

Needles and post SS pics

I had to use my new Signature Needles right away.
They are 7" long and size 7. The yarn; bought at SS, hand dyed by Teresa Ruch it's two bamboo and the other tencel.

The pattern for the scarf I am making out of this glorious yarn is Palette from Knitty.

The needles are a work of art. As short as they are they have a quite heft in the hand. Probably too slippery for this yarn, I'm happy to ignore that to use both of my new goodies. Lovin' both the yarn and the needles. As I like to say "buy quality and cry only once"

This is Kathleen Taylor. I've been reading her blog for a long time. Her "The Big Book of Socks" just came out and I highly recommend that you get a copy. You can see that she has a sense of humor. She appears to have knitting needles through her head! This shot was taken at SS... I semi-stalked her. (semi= no restraining order)

As we were leaving Oregon I stopped in Ashland to visit my pal Karen's favorite Oregon yarn shop; Websters. It's very pretty. I didn't buy much considering all that I had already purchased.

Even though I HAD to buy more yarn than I had intended, due to the theft of my's not without trepidation that I post a picture of what I bought at SS. Here goes....behold the stash enhancement!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic haul... and I grew up in Ashland and remember walking by Websters almost every day, sadly I didn't learn to knit until a few years after I moved away.

Carol said...

that is a great haul. adn totally guilt free as you stuff had been stolen.

KarenB said...

Your scarf is going to be so beautiful! I bet it's already finished. That's quite a stash young lady. Do you have plans for all of it?

Acorn to Oak said...

That scarf is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with all those fun yarns you picked up at SS! I bet that was a lot of fun shopping and buying all that! :-) That yarn shop looks fun too!

Claire said...

I'm laughing at your purchases, in a knowing way - I have a yarn embargo in place at the moment! Haven't seen your blog before, but was just stalking your Rav profile. I shall read on :-)))) xoxoxoxox