Saturday, August 8, 2009

A quick exhausted post

It was a long but terrific day. This is Lorilee Beltman. She taught the morning class, Seismic Socks. She showed us how to do a vertical stranded design. It wasn't as hard as it might seem. she is a good teacher and I suspect she'll write a book about this technique.

I was a few minutes late to both of my classes due to breakneck shopping. Lunch was a yummy taco bar.

Sivia Harding is a modest, sweet lady and a great teacher. We learned to do a beaded baby bootie. I got snagged a couple of times and didn't get far on mine. I will finish the pair later, I really love the pattern. There was a gal in class that is a super speedy knitter, she finished a bootie in class.

I had dinner with the Hubby and arrived after all the swag bags had been passed out at the Ravelry party. I chatted with several ladies that I had classes with. There were door prizes ... I didn't win anything.

as you can see there was a big crowd.


Acorn to Oak said...

I'm feel tired for you, hearing all you've done this past week! Whew! Sounds all worth it though...sooo fun! I sure have been enjoying your blog posts and seeing you back in blogland again too!! :-)

Are you heading home today?

monster said...

Another wonderful day at Sock Summit, elbowing with all the rock stars, and shopping. Must feel like heaven. Nice bootie, can't wait to see it!