Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fun Day

After a quick walk around the Marketplace before my morning class, I decided that I needed a strategy for the afternoon. I figured I could wait until the very end of the Book Signing time slot to get my books signed. The thinking there was that the lines would be short at the end which would give me lots of time to browse the marketplace. That plan worked like a charm.

The class was satisfactory. I didn't really learn anything new. The teacher was nice, she had a good Power Point lecture on fixing common mistakes and how to determine if you were a "fixer" or a "fudger". Turns out I am in the middle of that continuum. (that word doesn't look like it's spelled correctly, but spellcheck says, yes. )
We all left a little early for the Guinness Book of Records event.

Heather (who was in my class) and I got great seats right behind the teachers. At first Amy Singer (of fame) was the only one in the teacher seats. When I asked her if I could have a picture with her... she insisted that I SIT ON HER LAP!!!!!

Stephanie got up on the podium and was her typical hilarious self. There were Guinness people to make sure that it was legit. There were big time camera men types. There were lots of ladies standing in the front of our huge crowd taking pictures.

that's Amy Singer in the lower left hand corner)

We all knitted for 15 minutes and I think we can be pretty sure that we broke the record. Wow, while I was googling to find out what the old record was I found THIS . You can hear and see the Harlot for yourself and if you look closely you'll see me.

See that yarn in my hand? That is the yarn that I picked for the BLOG PRIZE. It's Lorna's Laces dyed just for Sock Summit. The lady who dyed it signed the label and is posing with me for this pic. Don't ask me her name I'm sure she told me, though.
edited to add: She is Beth Casey the owner of Lorna's Laces. Duh!

I got in some good shopping. Briar Rose laceweight and an Ann Hanson pattern. Also a little Silk and Cashmere for a cowl from Red Fish. I bought a lot of little notions to replenish the long list of stuff that got stolen.

I had lunch with some ladys that I know from Ravelry. That's Monica on the Left next to Marie. It was like meeting old friends for the first time.

As I had guessed, half and hour before the Book Signing was over I had time to walk to my hotel room, get my books and walk right up to the tables and get autographs.

First Was Anna Zilboorg, she wrote "Knitting For Anarchists".

I had Barbara Walker's "Book One" to be signed, I didn't ask her for a picture since I had already asked last night.

Then the beautiful, gracious and funny Meg Swanson. I asked her if she felt like a Rock Star. She said she did!

Then I just came out and asked for a picture with the Harlot.

I hope to get a little more sleep tonight. Two classes, and the Ravelry Meet-up tomorrow.


Acorn to Oak said...

Oh my gosh...It just keeps sounding better and better! Sounds like you're having a blast! And, a picture with the Yarn Harlot?! Super Wow! Sure wish I was there!!!

monster said...

Major Score Day!!! So happy you got all the great ones autographs!
saw you on the video too. Anne Hansen pattern...can't wait to see what you picked.Lucky Girl!

Anonymous said...

One of the LYS where I teach is bringing Amy Singer for some lecture/workshops... can't wait to meet her now!

Anonymous said...

Wow I feel famous being in a picture on a real blog & yes it was a blast to set a world record
(Heather from the picture ;-)