Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lindsey is neglected!

I have abandoned Lindsey, she is a looser and I seem to have no interest or time to be bothered with her what so ever! do know that I'm talking about the sweater, right?

It appears that I have no time to blog either. I have been spending some time trying to take my little business somewhere. We had a little retreat in Oct. I think there was a good time had by all.

I have been knitting too. Since my last post I've made a Christmas stocking and two Ice Queens and other stuff too I'm sure.

Right now I am working on a hat that I'm teaching this month. I LOVE it. It's in Vogue Fall 2010. the original yarn called for in the pattern was discontinued. I substituted Brown Sheep, Nature Spun sport weight. This yarn is really wooly while still being quite soft! The colors are pretty close to the magazine photo...don't ya think?