Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ensconced at the Red Lion

We left Veneta and went through Eugene this morning. One stop at Soft Horizons in Eugene and I now have the yarn and needles for my classes. I feel ready to go...sorta. The ladies at the shop were so sympathetic towards my sad situation. They really helped me get all my stuff together and at the end of my purchase they threw in some of it for free. If you are ever in Eugene you have to go to this beautiful and superbly stocked shop!!!!

I am sitting in my room at the Red Lion Inn. I rode in the elevator with Lucy Neetby- she told me that my shirt (that Debbie K. made) was spectacular!!!! The lobby was full of the who's who of knitters. I Kenneared Cookie A. (that's right Cally!!) and half of my fantasy came true. Barbara Walker was in the lobby surrounded by people, no chance to approach her for a picture much less a book signing. But she is staying here!!!!

Look at that lady next to Cookie....see all that beer and wine? Looks like the beginnings of a great party! I am going to go to the convention center and register. I thank God that I still have my paperwork for all my classes!

edited to add: Look! I did get a picture of Barbara Walker after all.


Acorn to Oak said...

So glad to hear you were able to replenish your knitting supplies and that you still have your registration. Whew!

Wow! Cookie A.?! How cool! That lady with the clear bag of beer cracks me up!

monster said...

You are my hero! So happy to hear you still have your shirt!
Enjoy every moment of this, because it is so flipping awesome! & keep up with the great photos!
I wanna be you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good thing your shirt wasn't stolen... can't wait for more Sock Summit updates :)

Debbie said...

Wooo Whooo! You are styling in your custom blouse, and now hob-nobbing with the elite! Lucky Lady! See you when you get back. Debbie