Thursday, August 6, 2009

Opening Day at the Summit

My day started out at Starbucks for coffee and a scone. Then, I arrived early at the convention center to do a little people watching. This is Meg Swanson she is fast on her feet and had a melodious "Good Morning!" for Stephanie.

Jess and Mary Heather look adorable and that's "small Bob" on my finger. (you can click the photos to make 'em bigger.) They gave me a new Ravelry button.

My first class was with Charlene Schurch.

OK- the name is Swiss-German and the "S" is not pronounced. She mentioned that first thing...evidently everyone asks her about her name.

I learned a lot about making socks last longer. Established that I probably should use a size 1 and go to a zero just on the areas that I tend to wear out. she showed us several styles of socks that are best depending on where you get wear on your socks.

During the lunch break I took photos of some of the lovely socks!

Next was 4 ways to do a toe up sock. we were supposed to be really comfortable doing Judy's Magic Cast-on. Some of the students needed a little review, she is showing the cast-on in this pic.

Of all the stuff I learned in this class my favorite is the idea that her cast-on can be used as a provisional cast on. BRILLIANT!!!

the Opening ceremony was a touching recount by Tina and Stephanie of how this whole extravaganza came about. Written with the Harlot's usual brilliant humor, it was quite hilarious and at the end touching. They thanked each teacher by name and when they got to Barbara Walker there was a standing ovation.

Oh ya ...Barbara Walker....she's the person I am standing next to in this photo.

I shook her hand and then stammered like a goober. It was great!

After that I chatted with a few people and watched the shmoozing. Then walked to the hotel where there were knitters in the lobby. One lady there was massively full of herself..... I think she invented spinning... she has wheels custom made for her by God himself.

oh ya, I forgot to mention that I did a little shopping:

see anything you like?


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Hooray on meeting Barbara Walker! It all looks great and thanks for sharing it with us "left-behinds".

monster said...

Barbara Walker, your new bff!!!
Oh Peggy, I'm soooo jealous of you! Have the time of your life!

Acorn to Oak said...

Ok...I'm feeling a little clueless...I have no idea who Barbara Walker is...I'll have to google her.

Looks like you're off to a great start with shopping and replenishing your travel stash.

Sounds like a lot of fun so far. I should try to go to one of these someday!

Anonymous said...

"spinning wheels made for her by God himself"... haha, brilliant.

I'll take all of those skeins, please ;)