Monday, September 15, 2008

Must I be clever every time?

Thinking up a clever Post Title is the hardest for me. So many bloggers have such compelling titles. Too much pressure and I am not very eloquent. This post is a hodge podge.

The bracelet is finished and I'm really happy with it. I will make more of them even though it's rough on the wrists to knit the wire.

That gorgeous Passion Flower is in my backyard. It started out as a sad neglected and near dead little twiglet that Lowe's garden shop had reduced to $5. Now it is a robust monster, home to Praying Mantis and a slew of these luscious purple beauties.

I am well into my cardigan. I absolutely LOVE this yarn! Noro, Taiyo. It is so soft and the colors are Noro's usual spectacular spectacular!

Just like Kureyon, I am picking out hay like stuff as I go along.

I am also working on the Fair Isle felted Tote. I'll save a post on it for another day.

Tomorrow Karen J. and I are going for foot reflexology. I am mentioning it here so I will have the nerve to try and take pictures of the event. Will the Chinese reflexologists know what a blog is? They barely speak English.


KarenB said...

This reminds me that I need to go to the bead store. I need to make some hair pins for Rachael to wear in the wedding. Yikes! The bracelet turned out really pretty!

Carol said...

Lovely bracelet. That flower is stu-pen-dous!

SisterKristen said...

pretty rainbow sweater!

Carrie said...

Beautiful bracelet. I knit charms for a necklace out of wire before and have to agree with you on the wrist stress!