Sunday, September 7, 2008

and the Pepper gets the knife!

The time had come for the odd little pepper to serve it's end up on our plate!

nom..nom...nom! It was yummy! Hubby chopped it up and steamed it with other veggies and added some pasta sauce with Parmesan served over fettuccine. It was verrrry delicious!

ok, so I'm new to this blogger way of editing things. I made the pictures nice and big before and now it's not letting me do that. I went to a wedding reception on Saturday and I have some photos of a lovely garden. I hope I get it all worked out by messing around with them for the next post.


KarenB said...

Sounds very yummy. It was such a cute pepper. I answered your question on my own blog, but I'm going to post pictures of my purchase later today or tomorrow. I would've like to have bought oh so much more!

Carol said...

Mmmm, parmesan makes evreythin gbetter. Reggiano parmesan is even better!

Peglett said...

It was Parmesano Reggiano...the undisputed King of Cheese! (or at least Mario Battali says so)