Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog Pressure!

food for thought
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All of a sudden I have a blog and now I don't have anything to say!
This photo is of a painting I have. I bought it because it reminded me of how my head works. See that apple? that is my good ideas. The flaming hair is me freaking out and not being able to access my good ideas. I will have more posts. I just need to get into the groove baybee!

Meanwhile ...I had foot reflexology today, by a Chinese guy that doesn't know a lot of English. It was great and the price was also good....$25 plus tip.

I have no knitting project at the moment because ...I have been doing other non knitting not blogging. Ugh!

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Carpenter Mom 11 said...

The pictures are great. I know you will think of something to write. Hurry up!