Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stocking down, hat to go

The Christmas stocking is finished except for the little loop to hang it with. I think I am going to leave the name off of it.
Hmmmm As I am looking at this photo, I see that I also need to add the duplicate stitch red berries on the wreaths and the red nose on one reindeer.
I will be scheduling a class to make stockings soon.

The coolest thing I have to pass on to you is that I found a new way to do the grafting on the toe (and heel) of this project. The Techknitting blog is a massive resource and she came up with a great way to graft. Give it a try on your next sock. I really liked it. I emailed this brilliant lady and she gave me (limited) permission to reproduce her pics etc for a handout. No more Kitchner, gotta love that!

I love Fair Isle (or stranded knitting for those that like to split hairs). I find it less fussy than intarsia and looks harder than it really is.

Speaking of harder. I am now working on a hat with ladybugs in Dale of Norway, Baby Ull. It is fingering weight and the needles are size ZERO. My wrists are feeling a bit sore so the hat is going slower than I would like. It should be adorable though.


Acorn to Oak said...

You finished that pretty quickly! It's adorable! I love it! I can't wait to see the hat. :-)

KarenB said...

It turned out beautiful! You should've taken pictures of everyone's stocking. They were all great.