Sunday, March 22, 2009

Octomom times two!

Had you going there, didn't I???

In Feb of 1993 our dog Truffle had 16 puppies!!! That's twice as many as the Octomom and here is the picture as proof. You can click on this picture to make it bigger and try to count the little wigglers. It was a lot of work and no one gave us free stuff. The press was interested, though. The Californian did a front page article on the happy event with a nice photo. (which I am too lazy to go get, scan and post...sorry)

I think Truffle looked WAY better in her pregnancy photo than that other Octomom.
We found good homes for all of Truffle's babies. One of them stayed with us ...Cocoa. Our brother Greg had one and the rest went far and wide to loving families.

Both Truffle and Cocoa are chasing cats in heaven now. case you were wondering...Truffle got preggers the old fashioned way. She went on a "honeymoon" with a Chocolate Lab named Bachelor. That is what we said to our kids, who were 7 & 10 then.

Just a little dog-gone shenanigans.

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KarenB said...

I'd be in heaven too if I'd had 16 babies at once! YIKES!