Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Multi tasking

I needed to interrupt the work on the Malabrigo cardigan.

I told Karen I'd let her finish what she's working on so she can knit the same cardi with me. Plus, I need to make this Christmas stocking for the shop. We want to encourage customers to start making Holiday gifties early.
After this stocking I have to quickly make a cute little ladybug hat with Baby Ull. (also for the shop) I'll post pictures of that when I get it going.

I wish I had another pair of hands to knit MORE!!!!

All this and I found out (in a very painful way) that I have Pantar Fasciitis. It's very ouchie! I am icing my heel and doing stretching exercises along with new inserts for my shoes... the Dr said I have all the wrong shoes and need new (ugly) ones. wah!


Acorn to Oak said...

Cute stocking!

Carol said...

oh no! Ugly shoes! Maybe after you get your foot back in shaoe youcan get away from hte ugly ones? My MIL has foot probs and wears NuBalance sneakers. They aren't totally ugly. They are sneakers,but that's not so bad as ugly shoes....

Judith said...

I like the looks of the stocking, Ugggh! Christmas already!