Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Happy

I'm eating a heart shaped chocolate chip cookie that my one true love baked me. I could dig out and scan the snap shot that goes with this story, but, I think I'll just get straight to the words.

February 13, 1986 while I was watching "Cheers" a tiny pop occurred. It was the pool of water my son had been swimming in for the last 8 and three quarter months deciding to burst forth. I knew then that I would be having my baby on Valentines Day... you can't go more than 24 hours with your "water broke".

It was raining Cats and Dogs all night long. So much so that my Mom thought that she might not be able to drive to the hospital to visit, the streets were flooded.

20 long hours later I pushed out Evan and completed our family.

The rain we have had this week has brought back memories of that night and the following days.

Valentines Day has never been quite the same since.

I've been knitting a new BSJ. pictures soon.

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