Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Bunny

We had an evening of spinning at the yarn shop. I'd say that this bunny rabbit & friends were the stars of the evening! She sat patiently while yarn was spun from her wool. I found out that their fiber is called wool...I also found out that I get all itchy eyed in the company of these big bunnies.

Just thought I'd throw out some non Christmas content. I have no time to do all the stuff that I have to make time for.

I'm certain you, my dear reader, are busy polishing the mantle and making grandma's fudge recipe and won't miss any new posts from me. Although I am starting a doggy sweater and if it looks good enough to put on a dog I'll let ya see it.


Edith said...

Great evening! I thought these little guys were just the cutest things. all cuddley and soft! I would have taken them home. I look forward to seeing your doggie sweater too when it is done. I finished my blue poncho today, now onto other gifts!

Acorn to Oak said...

I had sooo much fun that night! It was great to meet more spinners. And, the bunnies were so adorable and soft.

Janet said...

Hey Peggy, I know you have hit the big time knitter statis when you are knitting with the bunnies!!!!!

Carol said...

I love the whole idea of spinning straight fromteh bunneh! Spo cute!