Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas afterglow

Ugh, I am trying not to be SICK! I'm also getting ready to celebrate New Years in San Francisco. I hope there will be some good blogable moments. I should be stopping at a yarn shop or two.

Here is the adorable Snickers. The sweater was too small. She did wear it well. She is such a nutty character. She loves to run up your body and try to cuddle your head. I gave her a boost and found out that she has great balance- as you can see in the next photo.

I look startled in this picture, but I was more amazed that she could balance on my HEAD!

On the 26th I started a Clapotis for the long car ride. Plus, I casted on for Ice Queen and it went much quicker than I expected. I finished it today

This is Art Yarns Beaded Mohair & Sequins. Ultra super beautiful! A joy to knit, touch and wear. The pattern is fun and easy.

ok...back to the packing and Zicam


Edith said...

Take the "Airborn" any time you have been around sick people or feel that little odd tickle. and keep taking it. I usually do and forgot to this last time and it got me. Stay healthy and I hope you had fun last night. Cute puppy!(all dogs are puppy's)
Happy New Year,

Carol said...

Snickers is so cute. And agile. Have you worn the Ice Queen? I am looking for good cowl patterns and want something not too snug....