Sunday, October 26, 2008

My October Yarn Crawl

Karen J. and I went on an yarn crawl. To celebrate my birthday. was a knitter's day of fun. We tried to go to the Yarn Lady first, but they don't open until Noon. So, we went to this lovely cottage in Laguna. Strands and Stitches is a small but well stocked yarn and needlepoint shop. Cozy and friendly it's a nice shop for tourists. They didn't have a large inventory and there was no ordinary (cascade 220 like) yarn. For esthetics and cool yarn they get a 10. I got some Indie hand dyed sock yarn. Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio, hand dyed by Lori Lawson.

For lunch we went to a casual but quite posh restaurant right on the beach. Karen told me a juicy story that took place in this same little eatery when she was a young probation officer. Sounds interesting doesn't it? My lips are sealed!

Then off to The Yarn Lady. It's a big shop with lots of novelty yarn and lots of other good stuff. The ladies that work there are friendly. I bought a little DK weight Encore to make a sweater for a certain Yorkie that I know. And a mega fatty hank of super bulky yarn for which the ball band is currently MIA. Hopefully I am going to make a cool neckwarmer for a Christmas present and you'll all get to see it.

We stopped at this little place (The Red Bee) in Tustin, it was a little nicer than JoAnn's, but we didn't find any yarn we couldn't live without

Ok, this is one of the many isles in Velona. This large store is in Anaheim Hills, a short hop from the 91 frwy. The entire store is packed to the brim much like this photo...not to mention there is 5k square feet of yarn stored overhead! The stock is a little sad and tired. Some of the yarn is older than I am! But, Karen and I had fun wandering around and we did manage to find some goodies.
I bought a sweater's worth of a discontinued yarn that I love "Sir Galli" and another boat load of Jaeger Trinity. they are both white and 100% that "future sweater set".
I found a flexible tunisian crochet hook. A customer called our shop looking for one and I said I would try to find it. None of our suppliers had them, I was happy to find it and make our customer very happy.

Karen bought a Rowen book that is exquisite and increased her stash a bit too.

This store is not-to-be-missed on any yarn expedition to Orange County.

We were very tired by dinner time. We ate at a nice restaurant that shared a parking lot with Velona. It was a little high in the $ and calorie department, but oh so good!
I had a blast spending a day doing nothing but eating and shopping! Karen is a real pal... she is a true blue friend!


KarenB said...

Sounds like great fun! I didn't know about these stores, except in Laguna Beach. Can't wait to see what you'll make.

Karen J said...

Hi Peggy

It was great fun! I wish we could do it every week; but then we would really be yarn poor.

I love your hint at the juicy story about me when I was a young Probation Officer. It is a bittersweet memory for me. Sorry, I can't say more. :)

I am so excited that we found the Sir Galli at Velona's, as you know I wanted some more of that yarn to make the Bianca jacket again.

Doing a yarn store crawl is my favorite thing to do with a good friend. Love Ya Karen J.

Carol said...

Yarn crawling rocks!