Sunday, October 5, 2008

stripey goodness

Hey! Here is the cardigan I finished last week, I love it!
It was fast and easy, I chose the top down pattern because I wanted those stripes to line up.
This yarn is Noro Taiyo, it's mostly cotton and silk with a little wool and nylon thrown in, very soft and yummy!
I made a few modifications to the pattern;
In the close-up bubble you can see that I changed the rib on the bottom to have an extra knit on both edges. When I later picked up stitches for the button band I didn't loose the rib pattern. I remembered to do that after I did the rib for the neck- so it has a k1 where it should have a k2.
I made the sleeves and the body a bit longer than the pattern called for. Also, the pattern wanted 28 repeats of the raglan increase- after trying it on I ripped back to 22 repeats.

Pattern is in Knit 'N Style magazine (April '08)
Cropped Raglan Cardi


KarenB said...

You should post a picture of this on you. It's even cuter!

Carol said...

It looks great. I love the colours and the stipeyness. Gotta get me some of that Taiyo...

Anonymous said...

Look it's my sweater!!!
It's so beautiful to wear.