Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swatching for Lindsey

Deborah, you liked Lindsey's sweater and said "let's make it"....here goes!

I decided that this slouchy sweater should be made with a firm sort of yarn. Louet - Merlin (Merino and Linen) is what came to mind. It's machine washable and dryable and the linen component should add some stability to the floppy nature of this loosely knit pullover.

There are some mathematics that I am going to have to sort out, I want the closely knit ribbing on the bottom and edge of the sleeves which then transitions to a way bigger needle for the rest of the garment...not to mention the way it widens after dropping the stitches.

I ribbed with a #7 and then used a #10.5 for the cable bit. The ribbing is too narrow for the rest of the swatch. I am thinking that I may bind off a stitch at the point that the dropped stitches originate. On the next row I'll have to add a stitch that will later be dropped.

Just think, Lindsey just had to drive to some posh boutique and pay $800 or so for that sweater she's wearing!


Ms Blondie Knits said...

I'm loving your "Lindsey" project -- can I do a KAL with you guys? But. . . do you have a pattern or are you winging it?
Hope to hear from you!
Karen (MsBlondieKnits)

Peglett said...

Hey, thanks for being interested. I will post all my calculations as I swatch. I don't have a pattern, but I think it should be pretty straight forward as this sweater has very little shaping. You can start by measuring a sweater that you already have that fits you like you'd like this one to fit.

Deborah said...

Gasp! $800.00!! Imagine all that yarn you could buy. I'll let you do the calculations. You are so talented.

Carol said...

Keeps us posted!