Monday, March 15, 2010

Love Ya!

My Friend Nancy passed away unexpectedly in her sleep last night.

She was a true friend. She was smart, funny and unpretentious. She loved God, her family and Dodger baseball. She drank Tab soda and gave of herself to others every day. She gave great advise in times of trouble.

I taught her how to knit and she was my student for the last 5 years. Knitting didn't come easy to her and yet she persevered and made lots of beautiful project, all as gifts for loved ones.

She stood up for me when my character was being threatened.

We were a mutual admiration society. Whenever we would depart either by phone or in person she would always conclude with the same words...
"Love ya!"

I am going to miss Nancy tremendously and I will forever remember her and those ya.


Kelly said...

she will be truly truly missed.

Nancy said...

I will miss her so much. Our knitting sessions won't be as lively or fun! Nancy's smiling face, sense of humor and -- those Tab sodas -- will be truly missed!!