Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gauge Gauge Gauge

I'm starting a Christmas present. A hat for a friend. I'll have to disguise it a little to keep it secret. (If you are really curious you can see the entire chart on Ravelry)

Sally Melville said "The decisions made in the first hour are hugely important to the success of the finished product."

I think she was being optimistic on that time frame.

She's talking about that gauge swatch. It's something that no one likes to do, yet it is so important! I thought I could use that worsted weight yarn on the left. You see the resulting swatch. I did the math and had my friend measure his head and found out that I would have had to do a major alteration to the chart to make it fit.
So I chose to change the yarn. The DK weight on the right (Berroco, Pure Merino DK) should be the right choice. I am still going to swatch it up to make the final decision on which size needle to use.

I'll be happier with my finished product because I am doing this work in advance!

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quenouille said...

Ahhh the gauge swatch... I hate doing them but they are so necessary. I'm often surprised at how much my gauge can vary when I use the recommended yarn/needle size; I knit a sample mitten for Veronik Avery not too long ago, and I had to go up from size 1 to 4 needles to match her gauge!