Thursday, July 9, 2009

A wee sock & me again

I made a delicious pair of socks with Alpaca Yarn Co. Paca Peds HT. The HT stands for heel and toe. They put a little hank of solid colored yarn for making heels and toes .. aren't they cute?

I also made a wee tiny sock.
It's for Sock Summit. Folks are gonna pin tiny socks to themselves ... when they are wandering around Portland we can spot a fellow Summiteer (they picked that name I didn't) It's kinda like bird watching only geekier.
I like the teensie sock and I think I'll make one after each pair of normal sized socks.

So- I guess I'm back to blogging. I took a break, and in that time I learned a couple of things.
  • We really don't leave grade school
  • I work at a place where anyone can walk in and judge me
  • Blogging is even more public, as long and the sweet outweighs the nasties I guess I'll hang in there.
thanks to those of you who asked me back. :-)


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Peggy! Cute socks! You are gonna have a blast at sock summit, being surrounded by all the sock gods! Enjoy every moment!

As for your new education, well remember, Peoples comments are only a reflection of themselves. Peace out

Carol said...

I love the 'wee sock as a badge' idea. Does that make me twee? You can install a counter on your blog. The one on my blog actually keeps track of isp so you can block nasties if you want. I've not had to do it, so I'm not sure how, but it's a tool...I'm at work. If you want a link to the counter email me and I'll send you the link.

Acorn to Oak said...

Hooray! You're back! I love the socks...especially the wee tiny one! So cute! I made one of those one time that fits onto a tiny sock blocker keychain. That's a neat idea to make one after each pair of socks. They'd look cute on the Christmas tree! :-)