Saturday, January 31, 2009

Closed mid way

Here is the intarsia sign in mid knit.

See all the little yarn balls? There is a little spaghetti tangle in between the balls and the knitting. I ignore it and press on with the chart.

I charted this project by first doing a gauge swatch (5 sts per inch) then I printed up graph paper in my gauge using this web page. I made the text on Microsoft Publisher, laid it under the graph paper on my light box and traced out the chart. You can see where I made some adjustments with a red pen.

My hubster loves to find stuff leaning against a dumpster and carts it home. I usually think he's bonkers for doing it. But when he brought home the big light box I did the happy made the job easy.


KarenB said...

You're so smart!

Acorn to Oak said...

Perfect signs for a yarn shop! :-)

KarenB said...

You hit it on the head lady! All over my keyboard, my purse, my jeans, my desktop. And, I was ready for work. UGH! But, all is well. One button stuck and I fixed it. YEAH!