Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few years ago my favorite Thanksgiving tablecloth and napkins shared the dryer with a black pen. I was so upset and mad ...there was black ink all over it. Then, I was frustrated when I couldn't find a suitable replacement. I used other tablecloths, but never really liked them as much as the ruined one.

This year, I am dressing the table with my best china and silverware that was my Mother's. The meal will be as sumptuous as always...

.. I'm using my favorite tablecloth with the ink stains.

To me it's just a little reminder that it's the people we sit with at the table that are important.


Carol said...

My husband thinks Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Christmas is about hte stuff to many people. Easter is now about the stuff and the chocolate. But Thanksgiving is about the people. No gift required. Except the gift of their presence.

P.S. Did you try non aerosol hairspray on the ink? Thoroughly saturate it and then pitch it in the washer(hot) and dryer. Doesn't always work, but I have removed ink with that trick quite a few times.

janet koller said...

Love your Thanksgiving thoughts and I agree with Carol's husband that Thanksgiving is about the people and all the other holidays get carried away. That Give Thanks sign is so clever!!! Ha!